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In days of yore, in medieval Europe, a mysterious Hungarian queen ordered her alchemists and master perfumiers to create a magic potion that would keep her admirers under her spell, preserve her beauty, restore her youth, dispel all grief, and protect her against any sinister intent.
The French perfume masters and alchemists were, however, perturbed by this noble task, which seemed to be a challenge quite impossible to meet. 
Creating such a cure-all, an elixir fulfilling all the queen’s wishes, this would surely go beyond the limits of their knowledge, so they thought. 
Immersed in the dizzying world of Europe’s most zealously preserved recipes of herbs and perfumes, they eventually created the Water of Hungarian Queens (Eau de Vie de la Reine d’Hongrois).
Yet as their proffered magic spirit did indeed preserve the queen’s beauty and youth, it gained remarkable fame across Europe; and it is exactly the golden age of this bounteous elixir that we gladly rekindle now with the Queen’s Drink, with its unique, harmonious blend of life-enriching flavours – a drink which is set to cast more magic on modern Europe as well.
The Queen’s Drink unites the exquisite flavour and bouquet—and the beautiful crimson colour—of the mischievous sour cherry.
The Queen’s Drink will take you to a world of untrodden paths. All you have to do is discover the miracle already hidden deep inside of you and let your royal second-nature shine.

The ‘Woman Spirit’ brand was established in 2018, yet this magic nectar is the fruit of a decade-long product development process. This spirit-like drink — made from luscious sour cherries, typically the basis of great cuvées — may justly be called Eau de Vie, the Drink of Life. I now wish to unveil this drink, one that embodies a love of life, vitality and the mystique that fills the soul of each and every woman, and which keeps the fire burning in men besides. The first product of the Woman Spirit brand evokes the delicate yet heady flavours and moments stemming from the radiance and vibes of the female soul, which either embrace you in a mystical twilight or they run untroubled and wild; and yet we men… without them we are nothing.

Take my advice: if you taste it, be prepared to meet magic.  Put this ruby stream of pleasure on ice…

Wait for the right moment to cast your precious spell on us, on men.

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